The Holiday's Best Left Overs

Turkey giblets simmer on the back burner. We will add them to the gravy when the turkey is done roasting. As I scoop the sherbet, a combination of jellied cranberry sauce and whipping cream, into freezer trays, I am reminded of the year Mother first asked me to fix it. "Oh, yes, I replied feeling so grown up. At 11, I lived cranberry sherbet. Still do.

That year so long ago, Mother stood behind me at the sink. Holding the fat turkey up by his legs, she squished water around his insides and let it drain. Plopping the bird onto the counter, she patted him dry with a dish towel. Then Mother scooted out of the way

while Dad heaveded the turkey onto a tray and placed him into the refrigerator. The bird

would be stuffed with dressing, tied up and popped into the oven early in the morning, before any of the guests arrived. Each year Dad would make his sausage stuffing. "It's the sage that brings out the flavor" Dad would say every Thanksgiving

as he watched his specialty disappear.

Dad liked to tell us stories about Thanksgivings from the past. One time he told us about a Thanksgiving when he and Mother were first married. They lived in a tiny apartment with no family around and Dad had to work all day even on Thanksgiving. Dad invited Mother to come to his plant cafeteria and eat dinner with him. So she did. Over the years, they would laugh so hard telling about that. "The turkey was bone-dry, Dad said, and those frozen peas were like little rocks." Mother said the pumpkin pie was tasteless, The crust was like cardboard. Every time story gets funnier. Hearing it each year is as traditional as eating the sweet potato and pecan pie Grandma always brought.

Wealways had to be careful not to eat too much turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes

Waldorf salad, Yellow squash, and Uncle Luigi's Ravioli, made with his special sauce. . Save room for dessert. Share recipes. Savor the season. Perhaps our

family memories are the best leftovers.

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