Older Than Dirt

I do not feel older than dirt, but I must admit

that I did not lay eyes on a television set until

my third grade class took a field trip to

a restaurant where we saw a television

show on a fuzzy black and white screen.

It was sent from St. Louis to our town.

When using the telephone, which was

attached to the wall, we picked up the

receiver, then waited for the operator to ,

say "Number please." I called Dorothy

Ann, my best friend, every day and

We set up our plans for the day.

We had a refrigerator but no freezer.

Our milkman delivered milk twice a week

He drove a bright blue and white truck

and placed our fresh milk, with cream

on the top, inside the metal box filled

with ice, near the back screen door.

Inside, our tall floor model mahogany

radio sat next to the living room wall

Nana, our great-grandmother would

pull a chair up close to that radio

and listen to the St. Louis Cardinals.

She remained glued to that speaker.

We had no cell phones, computers

printers, video games, or Netflix,

Fitness Centers, or Zoom. We

We did have Red Rover, Soft ball,

Kick the Can, Scavenger hunts,

and Mad Doctor's Dream

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