Mr. and Mrs Idiom

The Idioms quite often take a long walk,\

strolling through the village they have a talk

He often likes to rooty toot his own horn

as they climb up over the hill each morn.

His wife says, stop dear smell the roses.

Oh, sure he says, when I am old as Moses.

You are cute as a bug, he says with a sigh

Living with you is as easy as eating a pie.

We are two peas in a pod, she does gloat.

Trouble is you can be a stubborn goat.

Well, you are one hot tomato he does say.

Park your shoes near my bed any day.

She is often a snake, he doesn't know why,

Her elevator doesn't climb up all that high.

He is a scoundrel three sheets to the wind.

Yes, with ladies of the night he has sinned.

He says big deal, that's no hair off my chest

I am a wise old owl and I know best.

I am a monkey's uncle if that is not true.

I'm not horsing around or fooling you.

She says, I did not come down in the last rain.

Your antics dear are causing me pain.

That really does not tickle my funny bone.

It is two hairs past a freckle I bemoan.

Like the early bird dear, the worm you get.

I ask you, are we having fun yet?

One day day when I am quite older than dirt.

with you my dear I will still like to flirt.

So what is the hot skinny, she likes to say say.

Sometimes their life is like a stage play

They have a good walks with their dog, Rover

She will trust him when hell freezes over...

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