It Takes True Grit to Write a Novel

One day, not long ago while digging through some writing files, I found this gem I wrote in the midst of penning a novel. I think it is worth sharing. Here goes:

Believe me it takes true grit to write almost every day and a double dose of grit to revise a manuscrip.and turn it into a finished product. I struggled through the first draft of my novel, Tessa and Claudine, with my two main characters, who had minds of their own. I plodded alomg on the second draft and still found myself saying, "Who wrote this drivel?, Surely not I?"

I went back to the drawing board with revision number three, with the help of an insightful leader and co-horts in a novel-writing workshop, I finally saw the scenes coming to life.

I love dialog. It seems to come naturally to me. However sometimes I get so involved in relating my story via conversation that I forget to let the reader inside the head of my my protagonist. That is when I need to pause and slow down the action. I have been told I need to blow up the balloon.

My reader needs to relate to my main character. Is she hurting? Is she ready to make a decision? Is she gaining ground or losing? Does she feel abandoned or loved? Is she hiding her true feelings? What is she learning? .

It takes true grit to keep on revising, and it takes a double dose of grit to hang in there when you and your characters are running into brick walls. However, the more you face the truths inside the characters the easier it gets. And the reward will be a better finished product.

I have rather like this idea of blowing up the balloon and getting to know my characters.. On occasion, I have been known to get in arguments with my characters. There are some things I just cannot get them to do. It takes a bit of true grit.

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