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Are you writing a novel? Good for you. I am toying with the idea of jumping into the novel writing frying pan one more time. I haven't gone off the high dive just yet. I have been doing my annual January desk area cleanup so I can find the top of my desk. In the process, I found some good novel writing advice from writer, John Braine. I like his approach. Here is what he had to say.

WRITING A NOVEI by John Braine

Write 3 two-hour sessions per week, a minimum of 350 words, no matter what, even if you are are half-mad with worry. Count your words each time. See some part of the novel(1e the ending What happens in a novel? You don't know until you finish.

Start with a guideline, rough idea where you are going, 500 words Try for 60,000 wordsTry for the maximum amount of words each session. DO NOT REVISE. If you do, you will interrupt the flow.

Write at least 20 chapters. Each must end with a hook to draw you into the next chapter. You can slow down at the end.End each chapter with a bang. Keep writing and don't stop, You can slow down at the end.

Write a summary of the novel. Imagine yourself telling the story to someone - tell it like you are telling the scandalous and shocking real life story.

Know. the era dates. One year in time is enough. If you go into the past w/o a flashback, be brief, --500 words.

Are you going to give this a try. I may just jump in the frying pan.

Happy New Year, Lisbeth Thom

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