Writers: Benefits of Journal Keeping

I have found after many years of keeping a journal that the benefits are great. I have a box filled with journals, and it is a Godsend. I often use material from my journals when I am working on a writing project. I could never have accurately remembered the certain events, observations, feelings, emotions, or impressions of places I had been without those recorded journal entries. Re-reading my journals always helps me to get to know myself bette. They have also helped me to form my fictional characters. It has been said by seasoned writers like that we often put a lot of ourselves in our fictional characters.

When it comes to journal writing, anything goes. You can write about a long, long list of things like current events, places you have been, books you have read, people you have met, frustrations in your life, accomplishments, disappointments, loss, childhood memories,, Write down snatches of dialog that you overhear. Make up a story involving that dialog. How does the "harvest moon" make you feel? Write down your last dream. Read journals by other authors. Record your own observations about whatever. Tell a family story. Every family member has a different perspective. You can count on that," At least that is what I said in one of my journals several years ago, and I have found it to be true,.

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